How to Wet Shave Without Cutting Yourself

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 How to Wet Shave Without Cutting Yourself

The men’s grooming movement has been growing for quite some time. It’s hard to pinpoint number, but estimated show about 50% to 70% of men admit to grooming in some way shape or form. Newer generations of men feel more comfortable in their skin today than ever and because of they are taking care of their looks and that skin. The global men’s grooming market is estimated to be worth nearly $30 billon annually by the mid-point of this decade.
With all of this love for self-love by men, it’s no surprise that there are more and more men’s shaving kit companies popping up in an attempt to vie for this business. To be successful in this venture, it’s important to have quality products (in this case, men’s shaving cream and shave soap) that doesn’t break the bank, and to understand the need of the men that they are saving too.
Let’s take a moment to look at what makes for a good shave and then get back to discussing the necessary products involved.

What Makes for a Good Shave?

Every person’s skin is different, but there are commonalities that make a typical good shave for a man. Here’s a step by step process.
• Wet your face and beard with cold water
• Use shaving cream or a shave soap
• Begin shaving with a high-quality razor
• Make sure to rinse your razor frequently
• Apply aftershave
Okay, so let’s at these each a bit more.
For starters the debated on cold water vs hot water has been raging on for years. Ultimately, this can be left up to shavers’ choice but here is the argument for cold water. It stiffens the hair and makes it stand up more which allows you to get a better shave and eliminates the amount of razor burn. Ultimately it is an individual’s call, but that’s the argument here.
Shaving cream and shave soap however are not a debate at all. Both are products that are designed to lather up your face and assist in a smooth shade. One of the two is necessary for a high-quality and pain free shave.
Using a high-quality razor falls right in line here. Guys want to avoid cutting themselves, they want to avoid razor burn, and overall, they are looking to avoid a painful shave. The better the razor they use, the better their face will feel after. It is common sense; it’s not building general artificial intelligence.
No matter what quality razor though, it is always a best practice to continually rinse and keep your razor clean during the shaving process. It will be smoother and cleaner and overall it will just be a better shave.
Aftershave is a chemical product that is designed to clean the face to avoid infections of cuts and it also acts as astringent so that it can reduce the amount of skin irritation on the face that one may suffer. It’s the finishing touch to protect your skin and make you feel good.

Where to Buy Shaving Cream and Shave Soap
Shaving cream

In today’s world there is more science and information than ever before on personal hygiene. Gone are the days where Men just pick up any old shaving cream from a can at the grocery store or the corner store. There are more varieties and quantities available than ever before and men are on the lookout for the best possible product.
The invention of the internet and the world of e-commerce have created a world where it is easy for men to find top rated shaving products that can aid them in getting the best shade possible. There is no shortage of options, so they really have their pick of the litter.

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If you have ever had a bad or painful shave, you know that it can ruin a day or worse, a couple of days. Finding a quality shaving cream or shave soap that can aid you in a wet shave that doesn’t result in cuts, is a must for every man. We are in the midst of the men’s grooming revolution, and you deserve the best shaving products on the market. Take a quick visit to and upgrade your shaving game today.






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