Why do my bath bombs crack? What Can you do about it

Why do my bath bombs crack? Bath bombs are constitutes of a mixture of dry ingredients which produce bubbles when placed inside the water. When bath bombs are made they are generally left overnight to dry and this is the time your bath bombs looks nice and dry or cracked . I generally say bath bombs have a mind of their own and sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the main reason your  bath bombs cracks.

Why Do My Bath Bombs Crack ?

  • But here’s a few factors to bear in mind which we will be talking about,
  • Are you using the right formulation?
  • What’s the humidity level ?
  • Do you live in a humid area as bath bombs are sensitive to the moisture.
  • The right mixture of ingredients should be made to avoid it from falling apart .
  • Have you added too much liquid? Or not enough liquid has been included in recipe?
  • Have you included additives such as salts, clays at a ratio which has contributed to your bath bombs cracking.

why do my bath bombs crack

Sometime it can takes a lot of energy and experimentation to arrive at the best results. The list  of why do my bath bombs crack can go on so we will stop here and talk briefly about why people love bath bombs.

Why Do We Love Bath Bombs ?

Bath bombs are great additions to your bath and skin regime since it has therapeutic properties and some carry essential oils that are good for the skin. Bath bombs are mostly found in round shapes. Shops sell different types of bombs but nowadays some people also prefer making them at home in order to cut the cost and also as a hobby. They are made of varying scents, colors which makes your bathing experience more pleasurable.

Bath bomb water can bring relaxation of mind and also muscles it makes bathing enjoyable. Some people prefer using bath bombs in romantic times. Apart from making bath bombs for your own use, you can also make them and give out to a friend or the people you love as gifts.

bath bombs gift set

A Simple Bath Bomb Recipe to Avoid Cracking

Ok so going back to why do my bath bombs crack we will look at a basic recipe. Sodium bicarbonate/baking soda and citric acid are the main ingredients used for making bath bombs they are easily accessible and have be considered skin friendly .It is these two ingredients that allow your bath bombs  fizz in water.

The following instructions will enable you make hard bath bombs that should not crack. Remember why your bath bombs crack is based on a lot of factors some mentioned at the beginning of this post .

Tip: If your bath bombs are not hard enough or they are cracking, you might be missing out on the procedure of making the bath bombs or you may be using the incorrect amount of ingredients.

Ingredients For Making Bath Bombs

Bath bombs main ingredients include baking soda ,citric acid and should be the right amount of mixture of the two that is the ratio of 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid a small amount of liquid is added to create a mold product.

Your liquid can be added fragrance, essential oils color and skin loving butters or oils such as shea butter, coconut oil or more. Other additive to your recipe are salt is that is believed to sooth the muscles.  But remember why do my bath bombs crack can be related to too much moisture note your humidity levels as salt has the tendency to draw moisture. Below is a simple recipe you can try at home .

  • Use one cup of baking soda
  • Half a cup of citric acid
  • Half a cup of Epsom salt
  • One tsp. water
  • Two tsp. of essential oil
  • Three tsp. olive oil
  • And food coloring of your choice

You will also need a bowl, whisk, jar and a bath bomb mold. Another ingredient that is used is the cornstarch. Corn starch is used especially in the homemade bath bombs to act as dry filler.

why do my bath bombs crack

How to Make Bath Bombs:

  • Put the wet and dry ingredients separately
  • Mix all the dry ingredients
  • Mix all the wet ingredients
  • Slowly add the wet mix to dry mix. As you add the wet mixture drop by drop, the mixture will start to fizz. Immediately, stir it and the fizzling will stop. Continue to add the drops at a time as you continue to mix until you achieve the consistency.
  • Fill your bath bomb mixture  into the mold and press it very tight. Make sure that you squeeze the contents and make it airtight.
  • Let the bath bomb dry overnight or if possible, you can let it dry for a few days.

What to Do to Avoid Your Bath Bombs Cracking

Are your  bath bombs drying or cracking after you have made them? This may mean you have added too little or too much  water .

Here are the best tips on how to avoid your bath bombs cracking .

Right measurements of ingredients

Always measure the right amount required to make the bath bombs and follow the right procedures like the duration taken to mix and dry them.


The reason why your bath bombs crack, might be because you have not molded them firmly enough as required that leads to hard bath bombs. This has to be done by packing your moulds tightly and ensure that they are dense enough in order to keep them intact.


Drying your bombs too fast can create cracks in your  bath bombs. Drying is preferably done overnight. During drying process, one should not move them, or tamper with them because at this stage, they are still very delicate to handle.


Storage is another crucial stage that determines the end result. Your bombs should be stored in an airtight environment to avoid water absorption and frizzling out. Wrapping should be done carefully too because wrapping semi-dried bombs will cause condensation and it will result in cracking.


The shape of the bath bomb contributes too to it’s quality. Bath bomb are molded in different shapes. Some are round others have sharp edges and corners. The round shaped bombs have been proven to be stronger than those with sharp edges or corners. Those with corners and sharp edges easily break off due to uneven edges.


For beginners, it is advisable to make small bombs since it is easier to make compared to big ones which need a lot of practice and also time consuming. The bigger the size, the harder it could be to master. So if you are not experienced in making bath bombs, then start with the small ones to avoid heartaches.

Liquids ie fragrance, dye, essential oils , melted butters ,water etc

The liquids should be used in the right amounts. Before you decide the amount you will need to use, you must also consider the humidity of the place you are residing in. Too much liquids used to make a bomb will cause the bomb to expand resulting to cracking while too little water will also contribute to cracking of the bomb in that it make them not to stick together in a mold resulting to lose bombs.

The right amount of liquid should be used because adding too much water will result to cracks in bombs.

Making bath bombs in high humidity

Why do my bath bombs crack in high humidity areas? Air can hold a certain amount of water vapor. Relative humidity is simply the ratio of actual vapor in the air.

If you are residing near the ocean or very high humid area, these are the tips for making your bath bombs perfect. Use dehumidifier to dry your bath bombs. The dehumidifier works by pulling moisture from the air in the room where the bath bombs are placed, and this lowers the levels of humidity making the bath bombs dry.

Avoid using liquid or gel colorant but use powder if you are a high humid environment. Store your bombs on a well-ventilated area that has good air circulation. Do not use a towel to cover your bombs since a towel will hold moisture from the bomb hence slowing the drying process.

Avoid using water. Since the humidity is too high, using water to make bombs is discouraged since it make them dismantle. Powder ingredients are usually used to help the product stick together. You may not need to put all the wet ingredients if the humidity is high. If you notice that the bath bomb is still puffing even after you have added all and mixed all the wet ingredients, then you may notice that the ingredients is too wet. The best thing is to reduce or totally get rid of the water.

Why do my bath bombs crack in low humid areas?

In very low humid places, the bath bombs might appear very crumby. This may mean that the ingredients may not have had enough water during mixing stage.

Using  the right  amount of oils. You can use coconut oil since it is the best in keeping your skin healthy and also it will help you get rid of stretch marks and it will soften your skin too.

During high humid season, leave them long enough to dry out. At least overnight is the most preferred duration of time. You can use the muffin tray to dry your bombs overnight. You can also preheat your oven to 170 degrees F and use it to dry them when you have turned it out. You should also leave your oven door open to help them dry out.  Allow them to stay in the oven for around 45 minutes. You can also dry your bombs overnight at room temperature by using a plastic ice cube tray. I am not a fan of dry in an oven as this may affect your fragrance or essential oils.

Always seal your bombs in airtight shrink wraps nowadays we have ecofriendly wraps . This will help you avoid having cracked bath bombs.

Types of bath bombs

There are several types of bath bombs but your choice will depend on your taste and preference. They all vary in the fragrance used; dye and they also come in different shapes.

all these vary according to their uses, color and scent.

Bath bombs Gift Sets

If you have an intention of making them at home, you can train yourself to make perfect bath bombs as with time you will perfect yourself over time.

Bath bombs are easy to make. The only thing you can do is to get as much information as you can on how to make them and try to follow the right procedure.



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