How to Wet Shave with the Best Shaving Creams

How to Wet Shave with the Best Shaving Creams

How to Wet Shave with the Best Shaving Creams

Wet shaving for beginners

How to wet shave and the key to a great wet shave  is wet face from a  nice relaxing bath or a speedy shower both do the trick for a wet shave but whichever option you choose make sure the water is nice and warm. This will help open your pores and soften your hair and in return you will get a much neater result! If you feel like going the extra mile we recommend using cleansing or exfoliating gel to get the best results for your shave!

 Next up is the shaving cream. The market is flooded with tons of shaving creams and it really does take some time to work out what cream is best for you. If you want to sample a few different shaving creams without spending a small fortune then head over to our shop and try our shaving cream set. There are five different creams for you to try and they all carry their own benefits. They contain different essential oils such as Lemon & Tea Tree, Aloe Vera & Lavender and much more and are perfect for a successful wet shave!

There are two main ways to lather up for a wet shave. You can build up your lather using a shaving bowl or the brush method by swirling your brush over the shaving cream to build up your lather. Both work well it’s however important to find out what method works best for you.

 Wet shaving tips

Whatever you do don’t rush this next step! As avoidable as it might sound it is an important part of the wet shaving process! Next you need to gently massage your shaving cream into your face. You need to give your shaving cream time to do its job so leave it on your face for 5 minutes before picking up your razor!  This valuable time will mean that the shaving cream will soften your hair resulting in a cleaner and smoother wet shave.

How to Wet Shave  with the Best Shaving Creams –  How do you get a close shave?

Next grab your razor and make sure it is fully charged. Make sure  you are shaving against the grain. This is the best way to get a closer shave and smoother results. However without the right amount and the right type of shaving cream this can result in razor burns which is why step two is so important when it comes to the wet shave method. If you find that you are struggling or some parts of your face require more attention then apply a touch more shaving cream. We recommend mixing this with a little bit of water too.

 The final step to your wet shave!

 Once you have finished your shave rinse your face thoroughly with cold water. The warm water that you used previously would have helped to open your pores and relax your face. By using cold water this will close your pores and help regenerate. Next use an after shave moisturiser. This adds another layer of protection and helps to avoid any red marks or razor burns.


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