The Do’s and Don’t of Acne, Spots and Pimples

The Do’s and Don’t of Acne, Spots and Pimples

While some of us may only experience a minor blemish here and there, others may suffer from a full outbreak. Either situation can be distressful, which leaves many wondering what can be done when it comes to maintaining our skin. The truth is, our body goes through a series of changes, and these changes are unique to each person. As such, some will suffer more than others. However, knowing what to do when acne flares up or a blemish appears on the surface can mean that we’re not spreading infection, which could make things worse.

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DO Rinse off Hair Conditioner As Soon as Possible

You may be surprised to learn that leaving the conditioner on your skin can make any blemish or bout of acne worse. The reason? Because it can block your pores. As such, you should look to wash your hair and remove the conditioner as soon as possible. Evidently, it must touch the skin at some point, but not giving it a chance to rest means you are less likely to feel the ramifications.

DO Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face When Possible

It’s human nature that we’re going to touch our face at some point in the day, but some of us can become too obsessed with our flare ups and end up touching our face, often making the situation worse. Depending on our day, we often pick up a series of bacteria, and if you have any blemishes, then continuously poking and prodding the area will only lead to more flare-ups. In this regard, you should only touch your face when necessary, such as washing. If you must touch your face, then consider using a gel cleanser to ensure your hands are free of bacteria.

DO Seek Out a Reliable Solution

When looking for the most effective spot treatment, it’s easy for us to opt for the first thing to hand. However, the harsh chemicals in some solutions could make things worse if we’re not careful. Those looking for a delicate situation that can be applied comfortably should aim for something with natural ingredients, that isn’t prone to drying out the skin.

DON’T Scrub Your Skin

When we see a spot, we often associate it with our skin being dirty. Those who use a scrub often assume that this will be enough to get rid of their spots. However, heavy abrasion could mean that bacteria is spread, and your face left feeling sore for no reason.

DON’T Pick

When our spots and acne starts to fade, it’s normal for scabs to appear, as well as dry skin. As tempting as it is, you need to resist the urge to pick. Just like touching your face unnecessarily, picking can open you up to more bacteria, which could mean you’re back to square one when it comes to getting rid of your blemishes.

Skin problems can impact us all, and some of us suffer more than others. But having the most effective spot treatment partnered with the right willpower, you will be surprised at how much the condition of your skin can change.