Skin Care Tips – 9 Ways to Detox Your Skin

Skin care tips: We all love a beautiful glowing skin whatever the age, it makes us feel good and I am sure you will agree it’s a confidence booster.  We are however faced with a thousand and one reasons why our skin could look tired, wrinkled and the list could go on and I am not going to bore you, so let go straight our skin care tips and detox.

  1. Diet:  one of the best skin care tips anyone could provide is diet.  There is nothing as good as working from the inside out, there  is a saying ‘we are what we eat ‘ start off with your diet adjust to suit. Reduce to minimal, meat, processed food, sugar, all bad foods and increase your intake of plant base foods, if you are that determined why not try going vegan or vegetarian.  In addition don’t forget to kick start your day with a dash of fresh lemon & warm water not tea or coffee, which is a no no ! for good skin care.
  2. Exercise: This has a lot of benefits from losing weight to increasing the blood flow which helps flush out all those nasty toxins. You don’t need to go crazy at the gym. Grab a rebounder which both young and old could use and bounce bounce while you kick start your body’s detoxification process so add this to your regimen, at least 10 to 15minutes every day.  A rebounder ( mini trampoline) is known to detoxify our  lymphatic system.
  3.  Sun: I love the sun but it is mandatory we protect out skin, get a high quality sun screen, or use an umbrella Yes! I have been in very hot climates when it’s basking hot you just have to project your skin.
  4.  Body & Face Scrub: This will help stimulate your lymphatic System which subsequently helps to get rid of toxins. So add to your skin care beauty regimen but remember not to overdo it scrub once to twice a week depending on your skin type.
  5. Water: Water is vital for life and we cannot live without it , but the question is do we drink enough . It is recommend we drink 2 litres a day . Now don’t worry about going to the wee because you are simply flushing out toxins. I know a few friends who restrict their daily water intake to avoid visiting the loo too often.
  6. Sleep:  A sound good sleeps is great for our general wellbeing and gives you a fresh start, and the body is known to undergo repair and detoxification of all you have put it through during the day.
  7.  Distress: We all face stress of one form or the other but learn how to manage them. Deep breathing, laugh, taking a positive attitude, are basic ones and you could use any time anywhere.  We also need to a skin care pamper every now and then from a spa breaks or create your own at home. There are lots of nice products from Bath Salts to oils you could get out in the stores. 
  8.  Face Routine: Create one to suit your skin type . Here’s mine pretty basic but it works wash, tone and moisturize, I do this day and night.  I always use a face wash with a  P.H around 5.5 , soap has a PH of 8-10 and  best for body .For those spots which pop out occasional I dab on a bit of sulphur cream  which dries  them out  within a day or two . I love  Castor  oil  and include it to my skin care regime  it works  for me  and I tend to use this for any dry patches on my face,   to nourishing  my hair and eyebrow too. 
  9. Fast : Fasting is a good way to t give your body a break and allow it to repair itself . There are different ways you can fast , the idea is to give your body a break and allow it to repair itself during fasting.


There you go! 9 skin care tips  to start detoxing your skin and look Fab always. Remember health is wealth. Each and every point mentioned is essential and the key is to integrate this into your lifestyle for it to work and see results.

Good luck! on your journey to good health  and a glowing skin which will most certainly boost your confidence! J