Liquid Castile Soap: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

Liquid castile soap: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Some of you may be rather confused by this title as soap is soap; right? You add water, create a lather and wash yourself with it, why would you need instructions to use soap? The thing is. Liquid Castile Soap isn’t just any old grab it from the supermarket and stand it on your sink kind of liquid soap, this is a organic, multi purpose product that you can use in so many ways it really shouldn’t be called a soap at all, it should be called Liquid Castile Wonder Product! 
Organic Liquid castile soap

What is in castile liquid soap?

Genuine Liquid Castile Soap, or liquid castle soap as it’s often called, is a luxurious golden colour and packed with a plethora of natural ingredients.  Free from any kind of fragrance, surfacant or detergent and completely bio-degradable, hand made Liquid Castile Soap will vary slightly in thickness and colour due to the process used, completely at odds with the rows of plastic bottles of garish, uniform coloured liquid soap you find on the high street. 
Ingredients of Castile Soap
 A natural soap base is then embellished with organic sunflower, olive, coconut and castor oil. This combination creates a pure liquid soap that provides a gentle yet very effective cleansing action that can be used in many different ways on a daily basis. The Castile Liquid Soap UK  blend contains ingredients which have been modified slightly as we don’t have a ready supply of olive oil like our Mediterranean cousins.  Natural vegetable oils have been used instead which still give amazing results and keep the cost down at the same time. 

Liquid Hand Soap Recipe Castile

There are numerous recipes to be found that use Liquid Castile Soap as the basis to create a gentle and natural cleanser. One of our favourites is the creation of a laundry detergent that removes stubborn stains yet doesn’t irritate skin in the way so many of the chemical detergents do.
1. 1 cup of liquid Castile soap
2. 3/4 cup of baking soda
3. 2 x cups of warm water 
4. 1/4 cup of finely grated sea salt
Dissolve the salt and the baking soda in the warm water. Pour this into  large container, a gallon is perfect, and add the Liquid Castile Soap. Fill to the top with water and that’s it. You only need to use around ¼ cup per load, making this not recipe not only highly effective but extremely economical. 
Another recipe transforms a small amount of Castile soap liquid into a brilliant cleaner for your dishwasher that will see your crockery, cutlery and glassware positively gleaming. The addition of the citrus to this recipe not only gives it a wonderful fresh smell but adds a totally natural antifungal and antibacterial agent to the mix.
1. 8oz Liquid Castile Soap
2. 1 cup of water
3. 3 tsp lemon juice 
4. 1 cup of white vinegar
Simply add the liquid castille soap, water and lemon juice together, give them a shake and pop 1 tablespoon of the mixture into the open compartment and the white vinegar into the closed compartment. You may need a little more vinegar if you have hard water. Use your dishwasher on its usual cycle and see what amazing results you get from this natural and cost effective mix. 

Where can you buy Liquid Castile Soap?

As the benefits of Liquid Castle Soap are becoming ever more recognised it is now easier than ever to get your hands on this liquid gold. A quick search of Liquid Castile soap UK will bring up a plethora of results but you can save yourself time, and probably money, by narrowing your search from the offset. Websites which specialise in natural, organic products are a great place to start and you will find Castile Soap Liquid in varying quantities to suit your needs. Unfortunately due to its rise in popularity of Liquid Castile Soap UK blends, and those from other parts of the world, aren’t always what they claim to be. Like every other product which becomes popular, Coconut Oil is another example, unscrupulous manufacturers ‘cut’ the main ingredients with other stuff which both lowers its effectiveness and can cause problems for those with allergies. We advise that you buy your liquid soap from well known suppliers such as Suez Bana.

Castile Soap for Acne

As many sufferers know, acne is not reserved for teenagers and adult acne can be a confidence sapping scourge that, unlike its adolescent form, you know you aren’t going to ‘grow out of’.  Sufferers of all ages who are sick to death of trying every new acne product that promises the world but rarely delivers will probably be thinking “here we go again” right now but unlike so many chemical infested so called miracle cures out there Liquid Castile Soap has proven results as a totally natural, and known to be great for  acne .
Two of the most common ingredients in acne treatments are Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide; even the names are scary! While these may have an effect on the angry pustules they can also cause permanent damage to the surrounding skin, which is the last thing you want or need. Using Liquid Castile soap to treat your acne will not give you instant results, natural ingredients may  take longer to work, but with a bit of patience you will see long lasting results that can become permanent by following this simple regime.
• Wash your hands thoroughly and remove all make up.
• Open your facial pores using either a warm towel placed on the face for 5 minutes or the steam from a shower.
• Thoroughly wet your face with WARM water, never hot. 
• Squirt a little of your Liquid Castile soap onto your hands and add a little tap water to create a lather.
• Spread this lather over your entire face in a circular, massaging motion as this allows it to penetrate the skin more deeply and also promote circulation. 
• Leave the lather for up to a minute or less  to ensure it fully penetrates the skin.
• Rinse off the lather using warm water and when all traces are removed switch to cold water ad this helps to seal the pores and cut down on the amount of new bacteria trying to make an entrance. 
As we stressed earlier, patience is the key to this treatment and please remember that you are only having to use one product for your whole face, not trying to dab chemicals onto your spots without it touching good skin. 

Liquid Castile Soap Benefits

In a world filled with chemicals, pollution, free radicals and all manner of nasties, it’s comforting to know that as far as your skin is concerned you are cleaning it with only the purest, natural ingredients.  There are numerous benefits from introducing Liquid Castile soap into your daily routine, and listed below are just a few of them.
1. Totally natural and free of the toxins which ordinary soaps and cleansers are full off and which have a detrimental effect on all of us. 
2. Due to the vegetable/plant oils used to create Castile soaps, rather than the animal fat used in ordinary soap, this product can genuinely claim to be eco-friendly and organic. This also makes it an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans. 
3. Did you know that most cleansers on the market which are labelled as antibacterial actually encourage so called super bugs? This is due to the widely used synthetic ingredient Triclosan which is actually a registered pesticide. Repeated exposure to chemicals eventually makes bugs immune to them, and that’s exactly what happens with Triclosan, so avoid at all costs. 
4. Not all natural soaps lather well, this usually comes from a chemical reaction when soap comes in contact with water. Liquid Castile soap is completely different  due to its very high oil content and it also foams well with both hard and soft water. 
5. Liquid Castile soap can genuinely be classed as a family product as it’s safe for everyone to use, even babies and pets. Be careful around your little ones eyes however as Castile isn’t a non-tear formula, this is yet another chemical. If you have purchased one of the Liquid Castile varieties with added essential oils these can be toxic to animals so stick with the natural blend for your fur babies. 

Castile Soap Uses 

Where do you start listing the uses of this product? Facial cleanser, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, shampoo, general household cleaner, bubble bath, make up and hair brush cleaner, toilet cleaner, window wash, the list just goes on and on. We gave you a couple of recipes earlier and there are hundreds more out there including using Castile soap as the base for a highly effective, chemical free toothpaste, well, tooth soap. When you consider the amount of Liquid Castile soap you get for the price you pay, this really is the only product you need to buy for all your families cleansing needs. This allows you to rest assured only a natural, organic product is being used throughout your home and you are also quids in due to not having to buy so many items; a real win win situation! 
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