Beard Grooming Ideas Exclusive to the Beard Men

How to grow a Beard Grooming Ideas Exclusive to the Beard Men

Growing a beard and beard grooming is very popular in this century and a fast growing trend but growing a beard for some may not be straightforward and for those that do have a beard, grooming it so it looks luxurious may be tasking  So we will tackle these two points in this short post.

How to Grow a beard and Let’s Add when to Grow a Beard.

The word ‘have patience’ may pop up quite frequently when  you sought how to grow a beard which can be simply  related to various factors such as age, genes/ethnicity , climate and of course the beard grooming process itself.

So let’s look at age: growing a beard at 17 or 18 may feel like a lifetime for some because you are still at the puberty stage and your body is dealing with all those wonderful changes including growing facial hair. Note! As we all differ the rate and progression of facial hair growth will vary from each individual, some may not even start to grow any hair until their late teens. So before you consider growing a beard simply ask yourself if any family has a  grown beard and  at what age did they grow a  beard, this is where genes/ethnicity slips in. if you are from a ‘hairy family’ who grows  hair  and of course a lovely beard easily you most likely  will  follow suite.

How to grow a beard:

Following on, once you reached your twenties hopefully should have a sense of your facial hair growth and the shape it’s  chosen  to take.  Note! Not everyone facial hair will be shaped into a beard like those we see all over the internet and magazines. And please try not be tempted to buy those portions which make claim to help grow your beard.

A  Beard as you can see is facial hair growth from all these different areas of the face: around the lips, chin, neck,cheeks  and sideburns.

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How to grow a beard:

As mentioned you probably will have an idea once you hit the 20s  onwards …. If you are a mustache man, goatee man, beard man or so because your facial hair should have taken shape.

 Here are  examples of different facial hair types or what you can shape them into .

Beard men facial Hair type

How to grow a beard:

Now stop shaving, watch & wait as your hair grows out for a few weeks at least 4-5 before you begin the process of sculpting, Invest in a beard trimmer this is one of your  many beard grooming tools. The beard Oil also comes in here as itching is a known side effect of growing a beard.


How to grow a Beard: 

Ok so let dive straight into the grooming of the beard by now I am sure you can tell if you are the full Beard man, the Gootie man, the Horseshoe man or whichever one your facial hair takes  . Provided you have grown  facial hair it has to be well kempt and the principles of are pretty similar.


Beard Grooming Tips

  • Comb: Invest  in a beard comb the nature of your hair will help determine which to buy, generally  the wooden comb seems popular as it also provides a gentle massage to aid circulation. Comb beard hair into direction you want beard to grow most importantly  trim  this is where your beard trimmer comes into place.
  • Moisturize: This is your best tip to avoid  dealing  with itching and most of all  a good beard oil will nourish, feed your skin and facial hair. There are lots of beard oils and balm out there to do that job. Go for beard oils or beard products with added essential oils so you rip the benefits of both  all essential oil as you know have multiple health benefits  not just from a topical application but the aroma itself is much more therapeutic than fragrance oils. 
  • Beard Wash: Your face generally has a lower PH of around 5.5 compare to your body  . Your facial hair equally has a P.H of between 4.5 & 5.5. This means using products with a higher PH such as soap which generally has a PH of between 8-10 on both your face and beard will dry out your skin. For beard wash always aim for a P.H balanced shampoo stay clear from soap. In conclusion: I hope you enjoyed reading along

To groom your beard be sure  to wash moisturize, comb and trim beard as needed.

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