Bath Bombs Gift Set What to Consider Before Buying

bath bombs gift set

Bath bombs are magical balls, packed with nutrients, scents, and come in different colours. Though there are made with the same base materials, which are citric acid, baking powder, oils and water; they are differences in benefits and application of each bath bombs gift set.

To create a romantic mood on a special night or during an important day like your anniversary night you should understand the scents that will work, the colours to choose and the names to select.

With bath bombs gift set even the name has a profound effect on the mood of the user and their appreciation of the gift. The scent, colour, name and packaging needs to appeal to the buyer, and also to the person receiving them.

How to Look Out for Smells in Bath Bombs Gift Set

When shopping for bath bombs, remember that the right scent is the first thing to check before buying. Unfortunately, you can’t smell them physically, but you can look for specific keywords and ingredients.

Bath bombs with herb scents such as the Charming Sleep Lavender gift set indicate healing and antiseptic properties of the item. You may also find bath bombs gift set with fruity scents. Commonly used scents are strawberries, found in bath bombs labelled fruity bombs. They are more scents such as chocolate and mint, jasmine, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

All these natural scents are great selections to surprise your girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend.

Bath Bombs Gift Set  & How to Select the Perfect Colour

Once the bath bomb touches the water, it starts to whizz and sprout many bubbles with lots of colours. You may choose blue or green bath bombs gift set which symbolises, health and well-being. Colours such as red signify romance and passion. You can find bath bombs that exactly look like ice-cream cones with a blend of different colours; you can choose these if you want to show appreciation to someone or to create a fun mood.

Colour is a critical consideration when making the final decision to buy, therefore match it with the mood you want to create.

Different Names of Bath Bombs

The name of the bath bomb matches its usage and the mood it seeks to create. Words like lavender, apple, amber, and strawberry show the scent it carries. You can find names such as sex, sexy, passion, lust, used to bring out and encourage the moods when you use the bath bombs gift box.

Find the right name that appeals to what you want to accomplish and the mood you have in mind. Don’t, for instance, buy a lavender bath bomb for sensual feelings, try sex appeal.

Bath Bombs Gift Sets Packaging

Most bath bombs came wrapped with up to four items in a box. Users can also buy them by weight. But, no matter the size and the weight; go for bath bombs that have an appealing packaging capable of surprising your loved one.

Also, quality packaging will help maintain the fragrance of bath bomb gift set and prevent essential such as oils, vitamins and natural extracts from escaping; take this into account.

 How You Can Appeal to the Receiver

After taking your time to consider the colour, smell, packaging, name and special functions you will are sure to please your loved one. A careful combination of the name with colour or smell with packaging will make them feel special and loved.

The right bath bombs gift box should match with the appropriate occasion. Therefore each purchase should be done after careful consideration of the above factors.

Top Bath Bomb Ideas You May Like

Some romantic bath bombs gift set ideas you should consider are:

  1. Smooth Her Skin with Lavender

There is nothing like the touch of lavender with its antiseptic properties on the skin. The Charming Sleep Lavender gift set; at £12.98; on does that.

2. Say I Love You with a Rose

That said: If you need to show romance the classic way is by giving a Rose. It’s the only way to show pure lasting love. Roses come in five varieties; and so does the Romantic Rose Bath Bomb gift set available at An added votive candle is a pleasant surprise.

3. Relaxing Natural Oils and Butter

When you need to relax, smooth and calming your skin; while healing the skin from natural wear and tear the SuezBana Lavender Ease Bath Bomb Melts; prices from £3.25; packed with essential oils, organic butter and ylang-ylang; is the natural remedy.

4. Restore His Youth with Some Moroccan Petals

When the dawn breaks the Morning Rose blooms and just by noon it has wilted. The withered Moroccan rose petals are picked and blending to create the Morning Rose Ring Bath Bomb. Locals believe that bathing with the leaves can restore youth. It’s available from

5. Excite the Senses and Watch What Happens

Just like magic, the intoxicating smell of lavender and amber in the Love Potion Bath Bomb will make rekindle your desires for each other. It comes wrapped as a bath bombs gift box from

6. Walk and Relax in Garden

Nothing comes close to the feeling that comes as you walk through an exquisite, exotic garden full of blooming flowers and fruity scents. The FizzButter Fruit Scented Bath Bombs available from have an amazing fruity scent and strawberries colours.

7. Have a Cocktail of Champagne and Strawberries

You will hear the same pop sound, made when the champagne bottle, is opened when you release the Strawberry and Champagne Bath bomb in water. Afterwards, your bath becomes a sweet strawberry and sparkling champagne cocktail; don’t drink it: Find it at

8. Unleash Your Inner Sex Appeal

What is more than passion in the relationship that comes with after you enhance the tension by upping your sex appeal?  The Sex Bomb infused with citric acid, Soybean Oils and more; increases your appeal; more appeal heightens tension which leads to intense S… Find the Sex Bomb at to find out more.The following places are great to start your search –find the right gift based on colour, packaging, smell –and Suezbana has more bath bombs UK.